New personal homepage, for free

Today I was looking at a very cool personal homepage and thought “hmm… it’s way nicer than my 6-year-old, legacy, buggy, never-updated-wordpress-installation homepage.” In fact, the work was so good I decided to take it as an inspiration for my brand new, minimalist, mobile-friendly homepage.

So, after a little bit of reverse engineering someone else’s web page and changing some bits here and there, I ended up with my new homepage.  I am very happy it only took me 2 hours to do so.

My thanks to the guy whose work I improved on today, thanks to Heroku for not charging me to be such a wonderful hosting, and a very special thanks to New Relic for pinging my webpage every minute so it doesn’t get put to sleep by Heroku. If it wasn’t for the domain name, I wouldn’t have had to pay a single dollar.

Which brings the question, “How are these cloud providers making money?” I guess they are struggling.

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