Another intractable challenge was divided and conquered

Last week a client suffered a major hardware failure on a storage and lost several virtual machines, including one which hosted an application to compute salaries. The failure came exactly a week before pay day. With over 600 sales executives, supervisors and managers expecting their salaries, losing the application on that very moment can’t be taken for less than another proof that Murphy’s Law continues to rule our world.

The software company which built the app didn’t have the resources or knowledge to restore it. So even though I quit working as the salary app architect more than 4 years ago and hadn’t seen them since, they called me desperately asking for help. They wanted me to recover the system on a new server so they could compute the salaries ASAP.

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An open communication platform without spam

It is ever easier to contact someone remotely. There are several channels available to reach the person you are willing to communicate with. Yesterday we had phone and email; we nowadays have Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, etc. You name it.

Contacting someone through a remote channel is the easy part. The challenge is getting this person’s attention.

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